About ShiftLink

The simplest things can make the biggest difference.
Starting a business begins with identifying a pain point and, for us, we didn’t have to look far.

Working in home healthcare we saw firsthand how costly filling vacant shifts could be. We saw how inefficient it was to make phone call after phone call.

We saw how it could consume a manager’s whole day, leaving them frustrated and defeated. We watched staff feeling guilty about turning down a shift or angry about being cajoled into one they didn’t want.

Worse, we saw how this process led to extended wait times and cancelled service for clients and their families.

Bingo! We had found the technology gap getting in the way of making a difference!

ShiftLink was created to make a difference to anyone else who lives this pain point. Whether in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, security or retail, ShiftLink helps to eliminate this universal issue through technology that is already familiar to you and your staff.

Our clients love the time and cost it saves them, but also rave about how easy ShiftLink is to learn and use. That’s something that makes us enormously proud as we know that making a difference requires less complication, not more.

Simply make a difference. It’s what we do. It’s our WHY.

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Photo of Julie Adams

“An efficient shift management process is automated, paperless, and requires few phone calls. Our team works closely with organizations to make this possible, and provide support wherever we can.”
Julie Adams - CEO

Photo of Richard Bicknell

“We are happy to offer a solution that can help any organization ensure their focus remains where it is needed most, on clients, patients and customers.”
Richard Bicknell - COO

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“Our development team is proud to provide a configurable solution that can adapt to any organization, and provide our customerss with quality service”
Justin Kostek - CTO