ShiftLink’s unique features are designed to keep things simple, but effective.

Using technology they already know, staff will appreciate the equity and transparency that ShiftLink creates. You’ll love the easy access to time-saving functions and useful information.

We work with each client to configure ShiftLink to their operation.

We can be ready for you to deploy in as little as 48 hours!

Staff responses will always be listed in order of seniority if your company requires it.

It’s easy to create and manage your seniority list within the system!

No more note keeping!

Who was notified, who responded and who was awarded the shift; ShiftLink shift history archives every transaction, forever.

ShiftLink business intelligence is a valuable resource for your planning, labour relations and budgeting.

Run reports based on location, profession, individual employees and more.

When you need to reach everyone right away, our emergency broadcast option gets your message out to every staff member in your organization instantly.
A staff favourite, our TimeOut feature gives everyone the same amount of time to respond.

This customizable and unique function creates even more equity in your process.

Post multiple shifts at a time and award shifts to multiple staff members when you have several vacancies available for the same shift.
Using Excel or Google Sheets for your scheduling? Need a more user-friendly and accessible tool? Create staff schedules inside the ShiftLink environment, linking shifts awarded through the system to your schedule automatically!