From customized settings and screens to training, support and staff communication, you'll find ShiftLink to be surprisingly adaptable, easy to on board and learn. We're not a big project for you to worry about. We'll get you up and running in no time and with no hassle.

ShiftLink is designed to adapt to your environment. Shift notifications can be customized to fit your needs and employment regulations.
Our mobile app is the best way for staff to experience ShiftLink, but those with legacy technology won’t be left out! We offer text and email notification options as well.
Unionized staff can be assured that their seniority will remain in effect with ShiftLink. We’ll upload your seniority list as often as needed.
ShiftLink ensures that each shift post and award is a fair and above board procedure that conforms to your existing process.
No more note keeping and thumbing through pages. In case you do get questions about a shift or simply want to check records, ShiftLink saves each shift in detail; who it was sent to, who responded and who was awarded the shift.
No costly and time-consuming integration process. No need to schedule weeks of training. Use ShiftLink once or twice and you’re an expert!
If this is a must have feature for you we can work with your supplier to connect the two platforms.
No monthly surprises with ShiftLink. No fine print or hidden fees. We know that cost certainty is critical for you. Our fees are all-in and up front.
Although ShiftLink is simple to set up and learn it’s still a change to adapt to. We have extensive experience and best practices to share with you that are proven to work.
Have we mentioned that ShiftLink is easy to learn and use? It is but that doesn’t mean we won’t be there to help get you started. We provide training for frontline and administrative staff plus on-going support just in case you get stuck.
Speaking of getting stuck. We’re a phone call, email or text away if you need to touch base.
Once a staff member is awarded a shift through ShiftLink they cannot accept or be notified of an overlapping shift, avoiding confusion and potential missed shifts.
Turn them on or off depending on your organization’s protocols.