Return on Investment

Whether it's reducing your short shifts, overtime payouts, staffing agency costs or union greivences, ShiftLink will pay for itself several times over.

Now add in the benefits of increased productivity, staff morale and customer satisfaction and the ROI goes to another level altogether.

ShiftLink isn't another cost to add. It's cost you can subtract from your bottom line!


Fill Rate

Our clients consistently see a high number of shifts filled through ShiftLink. That’s because our algorithm notifies only those staff members who are qualified AND available, making them statistically much more likely to accept a shift.


Call Out Reduction

With such a high percentage of shifts being filled through ShiftLink, the need for our clients to make calls to staff has dropped significantly, allowing them valuable time to focus on other important tasks. This productivity increase equates to tens of thousands of dollars annually.

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First Response

You're not wasting time contacting people who had other plans that day and are annoyed by your call. Staff respond quickly to a ShiftLink notification because they WANT the shift. They arrive happy and more motivated to work, increasing staff morale.


Average number of staff who accept each post

Shift your focus from finding the first available staff member to proactively selecting the right person to support the needs of your business.